Exposición de Arte “VIDA”

El jueves pasado, se inauguró la exposición de arte de Benjamín Pujol y sus alumnos del taller en la sala municipal del Parque Cambá Cuá.

Para los que no me conocen, soy Victoria, la hija mayor de Benja.


Papa y yo convivimos juntos desde el año pasado en el depto por Lavalle, donde él da sus clases actualmente.

El depto es chiquito, pero el corazón de papa es inmenso. Todos los días tratamos de que, como él dice cuando alguien empieza el taller -“reine el respeto y la paz”-; una frase tan simple que estaría muy bueno que todos implementemos en las calles donde la violencia cada vez crece más.


Crean o no, papa nos decora todos los días los platos. Montañas de arroz, flores hechas con tomates y morrones, milanesas con caras, pures con banderas… No conozco una persona más creativa que Él.


Y así fué siempre, en el colegio Saint Patrick, organizando los “Café Concert”, después más adelante en el colegio Mecenas, donde sé que dió todo de él. Y ahora quizá en su etapa más bohemia, donde cuando se le ocurre una idea es capaz de acostarse temprano a las 22, para levantarse a las 2 de la mañana y comenzar a pintar, y si depende de él, no para ni para comer.


Te admiro mucho viejito, por tu paciencia, por apoyarme siempre (sobre todo en mis viajes), por la confianza que me das y principalmente me enseñas con tu ejemplo diario que hay un Dios todopoderoso que existe, que es real y nos da vida eterna a los que creemos en Él.


Te quiero pa.

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One year overview

Hola! Tere! Hej! Hello!

I am aware that my latest post published was a long while  ago, so since officialy yesterday my university holidays had started I had to make myself time today to at least update you a little.

For you to understand better I will try to come up with the events chronologically.


Last year by the end of May I left Danmark to move back again to Argentina. It was one of the saddest moments of my life, but now that a year has passed I can see more clearly the positive side of it and how it helped me to grow as a person.

My time in Denmark was very enriching, I met wonderful people I am still in touch with and I never really felt strong culture shock situations as I did in Estonia, more than the dish washing techniques they have or adding whipped cream and chocolate chips to the fruit sala;, other than that I felt in my confort zone most of the times after adapting to the different culture. But coming back was hard, harder than leaving my friends or “family” was to find who I was or better, who I wanted to be.


I had learned that it is not bad to “loose” some friends, everyone teaches you something and are close to you on the right time.

This time I found myself following the recomendations I had always given to the exchenge students I was a counselor to. Such as keep yourself busy, be open to meet new people and try new activities.


During my second week living back in Corrientes, luckily I already had a job I enjoyed and got to meet some of the closest friends I currently have. For the first time in my life I attended regulary to the gym and learn to love training (yes, If it helped me to loose the extra 10 kilos I had, how can I not love it?).


Summer holidays were a blessing. We spent a few weeks in another cities very close to the sea with my family and I was able to party with my friends duing the weekends.


In February I started university and last week ended the first period of the Tourism Career. I am VERY happy to say that I had passed all the exams but most important that I am glad I chose a career I enjoy studying. I must admit, it was hard to atend classes, keep working and making time to train, study and meet my friends but I managed.


Coco car ride

One of the best decisions we took this year was that we had adopted a dog!!! Her name is Coco and everyday she brings happiness to our lives and makes my family to be closer.

I love her so much.

Now that I mentioned the word “love”, boys still give me headaches sometimes but I am happy as I am now.


Nowwww the most exciting part of all it´s that the family that hosted me in Denmark is coming to visit me in just a few days. I am very much looking forward to see them again. But of course I feel anxious for them to get to know my family, my country and my culture. I believe we will have a nice time together, and make me remember the good times we had in their country.


Fot the secont half of the year I would like to keep studying, working and training as I am now and also try new activities such as:

Keep learning new cooking recipies. (Believe it or not, I havent burnt a single food since 2018 has started).

Running a marathon.

Learning a new sport maybe sailing or paragliding.

Learning a new language, maybe french, portuguese, italian or even chinesse.



I wish I make time to write soon again, now that I had done it it reming me of how good it makes me feel. And I also hope that soon the argentinian economy becomes at least a little better so I can save money and travel to visit you all anywhere you are (specially Estonia, France and Denmark that was in my plan to go back visit this year during Christimas time).


Lots of love, and warm hugs from Argentina,


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My YFU volunteer experience in Denmark: How all started & Farvelhilsen

As many of you might know, my time in Denmark is almost over, and today my last day working at the office. I will write down the speech I did in the last DM for the ones that couldn’t be there:
I must admit that I felt a bit scared before coming to Denmark. The decision was taken fast as well.
I was studying at university in Argentina, having a job I loved and saving money to move alone; but when I got the invitation to aply to become an intern at YFU, with out thinking too much, I send my motivation letter and CV, a week after I got an email from Janne who asked me to do an interview with her by Skype. We talked for a few minutes and by the end she asked if I could fly to Denmark in the following 3 weeks.
It was the most spontaneous decision I ever made, and by far the best.
Since the first day I arrived to Denmark I started to feel like home, thanks to the warmness of my host family.
I remember the first day I came to the office, Anja walked with me from home to show me the way, it was a warm sunny day. Janne received me with a nice flower bouquet and we had tea outside with my future co-workers.
Being an intern wasn’t always too easy. I got very stressed when I couldn’t find school to make appointments with and got very tired hearing danish the first weeks.
But luckily U had Jakob’s bad jokes every morning to make the grey winter days a bit brighter.
I am glad I participated in as many orientations, training’s and volunteer meetings as possible. Because thanks to that I got the chance to become friends with the best YFU volunteers I know.
Each of you always made me feel very welcomed, and gave me a warm hug when I arrived; and even tho I still couldn’t learn to part as a dane; I had a lot of fun going out, on our movie nights or at baren.
I will miss you tons and it breaks my heart to say good-bye men, I will be back in Denmark someday and we can party at Huset once again.
Lots of love,
Din Argentinsk praktikant
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Spring thoughts

As I look outside the window on my right, I can see the woods staying behind on me and I get nostalgic memories of the road trips I used to do as I child to visit my grand-grandma.
Memories are funny.
At the moment I am traveling back home, and I can’t stop thinking about my recent few days with an old friend of mine. We met in Estonia, when I was living there, and we met because we used to go to the same school and took some classes together.
That happened in 2014, and after I left to Argentina we didn’t really talked much. Not because we forgot about each other, I guess we didn’t needed to talk often to know that we were still friends; We both kept studying, got new jobs, moved to different countries and made new friends, we were just bussy.
But after all, I can’t manage to put into words how nice was to see each other again and feel a warm hug from him. (Yes, is not typical coming from Estonians haha)
We spent 1 day and a half in Berlin and Potsdam and today I took the first train early in the morning to g back to Denmark.

Of course seightseingin Germany was very nice; I got to walk a loooot, visit many important historical places, got to know a bit more about the german culture and luckily the weather was nice as well.
But personally, what I enjoyed he most was to have deep conversations with my friend, and realizing that after all the months that had passed, we can still remember as-if-it-was-yesterday some old memories and we were able to  talk (as young adults) about our future and what we would like to do in life.

I realized that my passion for traveling is still there and it makes me the happiest person in the world. But at the same time it slowly kills me on the inside knowing that the moments I had will never happen again the exact same way.

To be honest, it felt a bit scary to think about the future; we, the young people, now-a-days, have so many options to choose from, and adults around us trying to make us take “fast & safe” decisions. -“Finish primary school, go directly to secondary school, go directly to high school, finish high school, go directly to University, finish that and get your masters, get married, get a nice car and 3 children, blah blah bla”-.
What if we are not sure of what we want to do the rest of our lives when we are only 17, 18, 19?

I will never regret traveling abroad alone when I was 17. It was far the best decision I ever made, and the perfect time.

Going as an exchange student taught me to believe in myself and take risks and say yes more often.
Living a year abroad, in the other side of the world, far from everyone I knew, made me stronger.

I always like to remember it to myself that I “survived” the loooong cold and dark winter with -2O’C in a country where the language completely unknown for me when I arrived, with people that were way more distant from the people of my culture (at least in the beginning; and just generalizing).
Now, I feel I can do anything I propose myself to do; anything I want to do.

And yes, with out really planning a year after I got the oportunity to get out my confort zone again and to move to the happiest country in the world.
Crazy, yet another good decision.

In Denmark I have learned more about myself, became more independent, and discovered what
I want to do in my life more clearly. I also feel I became more patient.


I simply can not imagine how boring my life would be if I wouldn’t have taken every decision I took.
What I had learned the most is to Believe.
Believe I am safe,
Believe I can do it,
Believe is now or never,
Believe in myself and
Believe in Love.


After all, who really knows what will happen tomorrow?

I will enjoy my present; keeping the nice memories to encourage myself to take more risks; and the sad or harder memories to remember how much I had learned.

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Final thoughts of my stay in Danmark

May started today, and that means the count-down of my stay in Denmark started as well.

A few of my friends asked me to write again, and I also feel I had to share some words with all of you; so make yourself a cup of warm tea-coffee, get comfy and enjoy this blog post.


To begin, I must admit that moving to Denmark wasn’t very easy, because is a complete different country than Argentina; but at the same time, my year in Estland  taught me a lot of experience I was able to apply since the first day I arrived; and now after 7 months, I am glad to say I didn’t had any single day I didn’t enjoyed living here.


Learning danish wasn’t easy at all, specially because all my work in in english and I didn’t had any danish classes at all. But I am glad that now I can listen to danish music and watch danish TV and have an idea of the topic or in our dinner table. And glad that after all, EVERYONE in Denmark has a very good English level.What I like the most from Denmark is my family and friends of course, but also, how safe I feel. I am sad to think that in Argentina, I would NEVER be able to bike home alone after meeting my friends in the middle of the night. And that is what I like the least from Argentina.


And one of the things I like the most from the Latin countries is how spontaneous we  can be; If I meet by coincidence a friend in the city center we can decide in the moment to go for a coffee, where here in Denmark I had to get used to plan my agenda with sometimes even months of anticipation. Not that I hate it; now I am much more organized and even arrive on time; but It was the only thing that I didn’t loved when I arrived and took me a while to get used to.


When I moved to Denmark, I was afraid I was going to miss my family a lot, as it happened when I lived in Estland once in a while; But here (sorry mom) I don’t miss them much. I feel home in with my host family, and love to meet the grandparents and my cousins often. Also, Danes say hello and give hugs if they know you!! So NO, they are not cold people at all.


I am 100% sure I will get reverse culture shock when I go back to Argentina, I had it before after Estland for a few months. Hopefully this time will be shorter and less stronger, but I will have it; and is normal to have it. It happens because here I have different ways of doing things that are just not possible to happen back in my city.


As many of you might know, I had been in Denmark in 2015 for a month in July, and it was the best summer of my life. And even tho I wont be able to experience the danish summer this time; I am glad I could experience the other 3 seasons.


Ufff, I have MANY beautiful memories, but probably the Christmas time was one of the most special ones. (You can check an older post about it here: ) It was such a hyggelig time were we could get warm chocolate with marshmallows or american cream; have a real Christmas tree, light candles every day, listen to Christmas music and the delicious food and sweets!! ((Of course I have to mention the food, if not, id not Vicky the one writing 🙂 )) It felt exactly like the movies for me.

Another memories I will always keep are going to play paintball, the trip to Copenhagen with my family, visiting my friend in Frederikshavn, parties and allll the movie nights with my friends in Fyn, being lazy at home with my little host sister communicating with out really speaking any language but a mix of danish-english-sign language; going with Katrine to the city and talk a lot; listening to Andreas or Thomas asking me if I would like to get a drink and afterwards ask me to go pick it up myself in the basement and request me to bring him one as well; my zumba classes every monday at 19:30; spending hours in the train traveling or even waiting for many minutes in random bus stations in the middle of nowhere; camping with the crazy ones!! I have too many nice memories; I can’t really list them all here because this will be too long, but for sure I can tell you more about them when we meet 🙂


I got a question about what my favorite place in Denmark was, but I will leave that for later; because I will post soon about my top places  in Denmark you MUST SEE and why.


About my plans? Today we celebrate my host brother’s birthday 🙂 Tomorrow I travel to to Berlin for the first time, and this weekend I am going to Egeskov castle with my danish grandparents. Next week I fly to London for a few days; so I am very much looking forward for that. I am also invited to two danish confirmations that weekend so I am very excited how they will be. I just need to go to the ZOO and Kerteminde and I had done everything from my to-do list in Denmark; and don’t worry, I made an appointment to go there with anticipation already  😉


I  Hope you had enjoyed reading this post.





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Zleep Hotel Roskilde review

On Monday I traveled to Roskilde and stayed at a friends family hotel. I wrote this little review that you are more than welcome to share if you know someone that would like to visit the town.

Located in the hear of Roskilde center, you can face the old clasical façade of Zleep Hotel.

The location can not be better; It is very easy and it only takes only a few minutes by foot from the Train Station, The Cathedral, Roskilde Museum and the Havn. They have a parking lot as well, in case you need it.

The room where I stayed at, was elegant and classy, but at the same time cozy and warm. My bed was big enough for a single person and comfortable. I had a private toilet and shower, a desk and a TV. There is wifi ok wifi as well.

In my opinion the best from the hotel is the location and the friendly service.I love the fact that is a family-owned hotel, as well as how welcomed they made me feel.

The morning breakfast buffet was good as well. It’s not included but for danish prices is not expensive. You can choose from different tea blends, to a good black coffee or juices. Different bread kinds, with a varied food selection to put on top, cereals and you can boil your own eggs!! unless you eat them raw 😉

If I ever come to Roskilde again, I will definitely like to come to Zleep Hotel again.


-Tak for alt igen Haaber familie.-


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20 years old & 6 months in Danmark


Today the sun is shinning so I had to write again.

I had been living so many new exciting experiences in the passed months, that now I regret I didn’t took 5 minutes to write earlier; but maybe because I know myself and know that 5 minutes can turn into 5 or more pages that I didn’t do it. But now I am back, so I hope you enjoy this post. 🙂


As most of you might know, yesterday was my 20th birthday, so I would like to thanks each of you that took some minutes yesterday to send me greetings. I felt very loved by my families, my friends all around the world and my co-workers.

Early in the morning my danish family woke me up singing happy birthday in danish holding danish flags, and then I open gifts in bed. (A very danish tradition). A huge surprise was to see that my family from Argentina had sent me a box with my favorite sweets Conitos Havanna and letters from everyone.(Gracias de nuevo, los amo!)

//For gifts from my family or friends I got: concert tickets to Nik & Jay, a gift card for the cinema, flowers, a poster from Danmark, a gift card for Odense Zoo, a face mask, clothes,  chocolates and små sure, entrance ticket to Egeskov castle, Kay Bojsen pair of sparrows, shoes, money and makeup.//

After opening the gifts I had a tasty breakfast together with my family, and I left to work by bike, as everyday, were I had a warm welcoming with (again) danish flags everywhere!!

The day went by at work, with my phone getting notifications every 2 minutes and after lunch we ate a Pavlova cake I made with the other intern, my french friend.

After work I head home and surprise!!!! The grandparents and my friend were here to get coffee and more sweets ❤ That was so unexpected and nice.

Some hours later at night, we picked up Andres from football (Ok, “soccer”) and drove to an Asian restaurant in Odense. So much food, laughs and hyggelig family time. Again with a danish flag on the table ofc 😛

17356989_10212373682716727_1750449385_o (1)


Only one word can describe my birthday-day (in a very danish way, by coincidence?):


Today I will be traveling far for work, I have more school visits and YFU promotion to do. You can read more about it here: https://victoriaepujol.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/what-is-like-to-be-a-c-g-intern-at-yfu-danmark/

Have a nice day!



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What is like to be a C.G. Intern at YFU Danmark

(This is an Interview I had done for the Newsletter this month, at the end I will attach the link to it as well.)


Shortly tell about yourself, and what your background is YFU wise

Hej! My name is Vicky, and I am the new intern here in YFU Danmark.

I come from a city in the north of Argentina, Corrientes, and I will be staying here for half an year. Now 2 months had passed so I have 4 more left.

I knew from YFU because we had many exchange students, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I started to get involved in volunteering, in 2014/2015 I went as an exchange student to Estonia and right after I arrived to Argentina, I became the Regions-leader from my area, being the one in charge of the interviews for the future applicants, host families, YFU promotion and the responsible for the exchange students living there. This year I started with Coloured Glasses, and now I am here learning to do some Office work as well.

What do I do as and intern              

As an intern here I am doing mainly Coloured Glasses workshops and school visits for promotion. But also Office work every morning If I am not traveling and assisting to extra meetings in the evenings and weekends at Huset.


As we have the schools visit competition the volunteers can always feel free to send me an email asking if I can join me, so they get double points.

What are the Coloured Glasses about?

“The concept of Coloured Glasses comes from “the Sunglasses Analogy”. This analogy explains that everyone is born with sunglasses of a specific colour based on the nationality the person was born with. That means you see the things in all colours but not the colour of the sunglasses. Each country has a different colour of glasses. The coloured lenses represent our attitudes, beliefs, values and represents our cultural identity, which we are socialized with. All information we perceive go through this cultural filter – the coloured glasses.”

The Coloured Glasses workshops I do are considered as a non-formal education activity for students from 6th to 10th grade, so while being on the class room I first introduce myself in a very short way and start making some ice breakers for them to feel more comfortable later on giving their opinion. Sometimes we do them outside in a public school space or the garden.


Later we start with the workshop itself were I engage the participants in simulations and role plays that allows them to experience some aspects of intercultural interaction. The main goal of the workshops is designed to build young people, self-awareness, leading them into cultural understanding, by introducing them to the concepts of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.


At the end we will make a round saying one thing that we had learned during the day or writing them on the board.


Stereotypes about Denmark

I was in Danmark last year in July for almost a month, living in Frederikshavn, so I thought that somehow I knew what to expect when coming again his year, but luckily things just got better.

What I used to think is that every Dane wears only black clothes. But that is not 100% true, they also wear dark blue, dark green, grey and maybe white if is a sunny day.

I heard a lot that Danes eat a lot of potatoes, luckily or at least in my house here we don’t eat potatoes every day, where comparing to my exchange year we would have potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (nali)

Also, I thought that Danes biked a lot, and that stereotype is true. Rain, snow, could weather, warm weather, anything is perfect for biking.

My guess on why Danish students go to South American countries

In my opinion is a bigger adventure to go to a complete different culture. As the known phrase says “Magic happens when you go out your comfort zone”.

Also, you can learn another language apart from English or Danish (that here everyone knows) and be fluent on it by the time you come back home.

 How do we convince all teenagers to go on exchange?

Here in Danmark students after 9th class have many options; they can go to 10th klass, an efterskole, gymnasium or as an exchange student. And the true is that not everyone is interested on going a year abroad; But at the same time there is many teenagers interested in trying something different from their routine, so there, is our opportunity to talk with them. If we do not speak, they might never heard about it.

For me, the best decision I had done, was to go as an exchange student; so I tell them about my experience.

Usually what I say is that while being far from your family, immersed on a complete different culture they will get to:

  1. Live with a Host Family, that eventually will become a second family for you.
  2. Go to a different school, maybe even with a complete different school system than what you are used to, and learn a different language or improve one you already know.
  3. Participate from fun YFU activities and make strong relationships with people from the all-around world.
  4. Get to know more about your own culture by learning to adapt to a new one.
  5. Try new things that you wouldn’t be able to try if you would had stayed in your home country, this can apply from food to sports to anything.
  6. Get to know much more about themselves. An exchange year is not Holidays, and not everything is just fun, you might struggle with many things at the beginning, especially with culture shock, but nothing can be compared to the feeling of getting over it. You grow a lot, become more tolerant, independent and learn to appreciate and enjoy everything much more than you did. You become a global citizenship.

Happy to be in Denmark

Being an intern includes a lot of work, being independent and responsible; but I love it and I am very happy I have the chance to be here in Denmark meeting amazing people and learning more and more everyday.

Now, I cant wait to experience a Danish Christmas and hopefully I will leave Denmark speaking a bit of Danish.


Link to the interview: https://issuu.com/yfu-danmark/docs/december_2016_issue_new

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Christmas Differences between Denmark and Argentina

Hey! So, as I mentioned before I am making an internship here in Danmark since September.

Today I will write a bit about Christmas time, as I find it VERY different here than the way we celebrate it in Argentina.


Here in Denmark, we all have Christmas calendars and even many different ones. Pakkekalender (gift calendar) is the one where you get one little gift for each day; Kalenderlys (calendar-candle) is candle with numbers and everyone has one of these, where you light up each day; Julekalender (Christmas calendar) is a television series with 24 episodes, starting on the 1st of December until the 24th. They have 2 every year. One starts at 19:30 and the other at 20:00. All the family members sit in the living for watching it after they finish having dinner.



Some people in Denmark give and receive extra Advent presents on the four Sundays of Advent. I got on the first advent 2 chocolate calendars and a Scratch and win money from the grandpa. On the second Advent I got a Heart-shaped container, Powder to make pancakes, Remoulade ♥, bubblegum and a very cute nail polish remover. On the third advent I got chocolate from the grannie, and a Små sure bottle.

Another tradition is to gather together with the family and cook Christmas sweets: gingerbread cookies and vanilla ones are often favorites, Brændte mandler (roasted almonds), pebernødder, æbleskiver and drink gløgg meanwhile (mulled wine).


A portion is 3 æbleskiver, but I could eat a few more than that…

People will go to the forest with the family and search for the perfect christmas tree. We went last week with my host family and it was a very hyggelig day!

In Denmark most people go to a Church Service only on Christmas Eve.

During the Christmas dinner night, danes will prepare a very nice decorated table with roast duck, goose or pork with boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes, red cabbage and gravy sauce.


It looks good, but it tastes even better!!

Most families have a ‘ris á la mande’ (a special kind of rice pudding, made of milk, rice, vanilla, almonds and whipped cream) for dessert. All but one of the almonds are chopped into little pieces. The person who finds the whole almond gets a present called a Mandelgave (almond present) and it’s often a marzipan cute pig!


Risalamande I made with Thomas for my work collages

After the meal people will dance around the tree and sing Christmas songs.


In Argentina the weather is very warm at Christmas, because we have summer. Christmas preparations begin very early in December and even in November. Most of the people in Argentina are Catholics so is a very important time of the year, were we have special church services and remember the birth of Jesus.

In the city where I come from, people don’t really decorate their houses as much as here. We have fake plastic trees, that are often decorated by the 8th of December (the feast of the Immaculate Conception – when Catholics celebrate when Mary was conceived) with red-green and gold or silver decoration. There is a star at the top.

Everyone has a Nativity scene or “Pesebre” close to the tree as well. It is considered a very important Christmas decoration in Argentina. On the streets you might also see live “Pesebres” with people dressed up like the characters. We don’t have candle-calendars, not either gifts calendars.



The Christmas dinner is on the 24th, usually around 10pm, and all the family members gather in the living room or even the garden. We don’t have as many typical foods as here, but in every table there might be meat (of course), stuffed tomatoes, many different fresh salads, very cold drinks and “Pan Dulce” is a sweet bread stuffed with dried fruits and raisins, that you can only buy during Christmas time.



Pan Dulce

At midnight there will be the sound of lots of fireworks! And that’s the moment when we wish each other “Feliz Navidad” (Merry Christmas). Some people like to go to midnight services, but other prefer to stay at home or go to the beach to let off fireworks.


Last years fireworks at the beach

Another Christmas Eve night tradition are ‘globos’ (balloons), paper decorations with a light inside that float into the sky (something similar would be the Chinese Lanterns). The sky is filled with them on Christmas Eve after midnight.




Most of the people stay awake all the night chatting with the family or seeing friends at parties and then spend most of Christmas morning sleeping. We open the gifts on the 25th at breakfast time, and then will have a Christmas lunch with more family members.


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2 måneder i Danmark

Did you ever felt so happy in your life that you have to stop for a second, pinch your arm, to realize that you are awake and that this is real?


That is how I feel now.

At the moment I am at a city very at the north of Denmark, called Frederikshavn, for school visits, but at the same time I am able to spend time with my bestie Sofie and her family, also my family by heart.


This passed weeks I had met amazing people, visited new places like the beautiful city of København (Copenhagen), Aalborg or Svendborg and worked a lot.


(City view from Copenhagen´s Rundetårn, a MUST-GO place, in my opinion.)

I am learning a lot about myself as well, and discovering the world with different perspectives.

I am learning to appreciate more everything that I have and be grateful about the small things.

I feel I am becoming more independent and responsable of my decisions.


Now I do not feel afraid at all to talk with people,  I love to share about my culture to them but at the same time they all have so many interesting stories to tell, that I am learning to be an active listener.

I have a lot more of things I can tell, but I want my next post to be about Denmark and danish culture; so if you have some questions just let me know and I will answer them here.

Vi ses! hej hej.

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